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Publications and Referencing

As the user community grows, we hope and are anticipating scientific publications whose methods depend partially or entirely on methods compiled into OpenDBM. For the authors of those publications, we request that they reference OpenDBM in their work. We are (as of December of 2020) preparing a manuscript that can be referenced. Meanwhile, we ask that authors at the very least reference the Github repository when mentioning OpenDBM.

Additionally, we are hoping to maintain an up to date list of publications that have used methods from OpenDBM when reporting their findings. This live list of publications is linked to from many different places around the Github repository and this documentation, but here is another link to it. If you are a user of OpenDBM and have used its methods in work that has either been presented at a conference or submitted to a journal, we ask that you please submit a citation of the work to us using this form so that we may append the list of publications with your work.