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Code of Conduct

Alongside the release of OpenDBM v2.0, we decided to release alongside it a code of conduct as is conventional for community-owned repositories. The code of conduct is included with the codebase when OpenDBM is downloaded but we’ve also pasted it below.


In adopting this Code of Conduct, we are committed to strengthening joint efforts, innovation, and the free exchange of ideas for developing, maintaining, and using open-source software. We hope to build an active and inclusive community for development of methods for measurement of health. We want all members of this community to be active participants regardless of race, gender identity, religion, creed, color, marital status, genetic information, age, nationality, or disability.


We promote values such as being audience centered, staying calm, professional, and respectful during discussions and communicating through active listening, We encourage all members to respectfully accept evaluation and disapproval, to always aim for what is best for the community, and above all respect their fellow members.

We do not promote any kind of harassment, aggression, or intimidation. Personal threats, attacks, stalking, vulgar language, and any kind of insulting statements will not be tolerated. We do not approve of the exchange of disrespectful language, sketches, or cartoons nor the posting of personal information (emails, etc.) without user permission.


To report any complaint or inappropriate behavior, we ask the users to contact the moderators at Moderators of the community have the right to remove offensive content that does not align with the Code of Conduct. If the content explicitly violates the Code of Conduct, it may result in disqualification from upcoming events and being blocked from the GitHub Organization