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Who's using OpenDBM?

This section attempts to list all peer-reviewed scientific articlces that have used OpenDBM for measurement of digital biomarkers.

  • Galatzer-Levy, I., Abbas, A., Koesmahargyo, V., Yadav, V., Perez-Rodriguez, M. M., Rosenfield, P., ... & Hansen, B. J. (2020). Facial and vocal markers of schizophrenia measured using remote smartphone assessments. medRxiv.
  • Galatzer-Levy, I. R., Abbas, A., Ries, A., Homan, S., Koesmahargyo, V., Yadav, V., ... & Scholz, U. (2020). Validation of Visual and Auditory Digital Markers of Suicidality in Acutely Suicidal Psychiatric In-Patients. medRxiv.
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